Business Incubation Centre at PU aims

To facilitate new company formation by providing an entrepreneurial nurturing environment for young start-ups by alleviating their survival and growth, thus encouraging them to reach their full potential. We aspire to develop individual talent, skills and personality to give each business the best possible start, thus fostering entrepreneurship at a local and national level.

To foster an entrepreneurial culture, by providing the students, alumni, and faculty, opportunities to transform their business ideas to reality. These facilities are also open to the general public, provided they can either leverage PU’s knowledge base or contribute to PU’s knowledge base.

To facilitate the availability of PU resources to the incubates in a mutually beneficial way.

To provide a conducive working environment to the incubates to nurture their innovative ideas.

To liaise with private and public sector funding sources, government agencies, industrial associations, chambers of commerce and industries to provide facilitation and networking for incubate companies.

Our Vision

To be a leading business incubation centre (BIC) of Pakistan driving innovative start-ups and entrepreneurial development.

Our Mission

We aim to produce determined business entrepreneurs with the right skill set of innovation, creativity, and leadership. To achieve this, we will create a thriving eco-system of budding entrepreneurs, trainers, mentors, investors, and the society at large who will work together to develop economic synergies for the benefit of each stakeholder in a sustainable manner.

Core Values

  1. Creativity and innovation
  2. Perseverance and grit
  3. Humility
  4. Commitment to results
  5. Continuous improvement
  6. Sustainability