“If opportunity doesn’t knock, make a door!”

That is our aim at Business Incubation Centre, University of the Punjab … to create doors for our young entrepreneurial minds who have brilliant and innovative ideas. We, at BIC, provide the relevant platforms to the students and faculty of our University to crystallize their ideas, develop them into viable projects and commercialize them into successful startups. BIC will incubate those business ideas which are at an initial stage and nurture them to become successful businesses, hence turning job seekers into job creators, which will contribute to their own lives as well as towards the economy of our country.

Our aim at BIC-PU is to attract fresh minds to come up with unique business ideas for start-ups and associate their academic life with professional reality through commercialization. BIC-PU is dedicated to identify, incubate and nurture future-leaders and entrepreneurs who will empower economic development by creating innovations in products and services. I, on behalf of the BIC-PU team, welcome all those energetic people in the University who want to turn their dreams into reality, to connect with us and embark on an exciting journey of entrepreneurship and innovation.